Mayor: Carol Mutter
Town Consultant: Dwight Montague
Office Manager: Pat Lane Fricks
Town Attorney: Brian C. Smith
Judge: John Higgason

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March 15, 2015
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Commission Meeting Minutes


May 13, 2014

          The Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the Town of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee met in regular session at the Town Hall on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 5:00 p.m., the following being present:

                             Carol Mutter, Mayor

                             Ernie Minges, Commissioner

                             Walker Jones, Commissioner

                             Joe Hailey, Commissioner                         

                             Don Stinnett, Commissioner                         

                             Dwight Montague, Town Consultant

                                    Brian Smith, Town Attorney

                             Chief Randall Bowden      

                             County Commissioner Joe Graham

                                    Mary Stewart Lewis

                             Ruth White

                             Ruthie Oehmig

                             Lee Franks

                             Cathy Slocomb

                             Brian Johnson



                             Brooke Pippinger

                             Frank Hitching

Henry Glascock

Judy Tims

Lee Cook

Frank McDonald

Larry Wells




1.     Call to order and Declaration of Quorum. Mayor Mutter called the meeting to order and recognized a quorum for the conduct of business.

2.      Approval of minutes. Upon motion of Commissioner Minges, seconded by Commissioner Stinnett, and unanimously approved the minutes of the April 8, 2014 Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners were approved and ordered to be entered in the Town’s minute book.

3.     Financial Report. Dwight Montague presented the financial report for the Town through the month of April, 2014.  The financial report attached as exhibit A hereto was approved upon motion of Commissioner Minges, seconded by Commissioner Jones and unanimous vote.


4. Departmental Reports:

 Commissioner Minges reported for the Fire and Police Department and reviewed the report of activities for the month of April, 2014. The monthly report is attached as Exhibit B hereto.  Auto decals are on sale now for$5.00 After June 1 they will cost $10.00. He read into the record a letter from the National Park Service thanking the department for its assistance with firing training. He reminded everyone of the traffic changes in store over the Memorial Day cycling event.

Commissioner Hailey reported for the Parks and Playgrounds Department and brought all up to date on the tennis court renovation project.

Commissioner Hailey then exited the meeting.

Commissioner Stinnett in reporting for the Education Department introduced Ruth White, Lookout Mountain School principal for a moment to recognize Judy Tims who is retiring after 24 years at the school  happenings at the school and to recognize Cathy Slocomb and Lee Cook for their long term work with the school. Graduation is May 22 with awards day set for May 20.

 Commissioner Jones reported for the Public Works Department and commented on the status of the paving projects and the conduct of Dumpster Day on June 7


5. Citizen’s Input. Margaret Sexton and her son Callaway Sexton are making a gift of public art to the Town as will be revealed in June. Frank Hitchings appeared to announce that a long time resident of the Town, Frances Gardenhire, had made a gift by will to the Town for the sidewalk project and a separate gift to the school PTA to assist the Town’s children

6. Old Business.  Mr. Smith led a discussion of the scheduling and procedure for the consideration of the two applications to construct wireless transmission facilities on Town property near the Town Hall. Mary Stewart Lewis ave the Commission an update from AT&T, followed by Henry Glascock for Wireless Properties and Mark Caldwell who spoke to the applicants in hopes of eliciting a proposal for use of small cell technology rather than cell towers.


7. New Business.  Frank McDonald, architect, appeared to present plans for an addition to the existing residence at 821 N. Bragg Avenue and to request a  hereto was passed upon first reading.

Brian Johnson as a representative of the Local Organizing Committee appeared with Ruthie Oehmig to request a Special Events Permit to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages and beer at the Memorial Day Cycling Race. Upon the motion of Commissioner Minges, seconded by Commissioner Jones and unanimously approved the issuance of a Special Events Permit was granted conditioned upon complete compliance with the governing ordinance.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned until the May meeting on ‘June 10, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

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